software engineer, javascript lover, sporadic designer, sports addict, husband, and dad.

Hello! I'm Luis Contreras, a software engineer born in 1988 and grew up in the Dominican Republic, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. After graduating from High School, I went to UNAPEC where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems.

During my 10+ year career as a professional developer, I’ve worked for Rubycom, DICOM, Instacarro, Iban, Quicksort, Aller Media, helping them to ship awesome products. Currently, I’m working as a Software Engineer at Klarna.

I'm in love with web development and have strong knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS. I love React and all its ecosystem and also like to write performant, clean, and testable code. If you want to see my CV, please go to my LinkedIn profile.

When I'm not coding, I'm either watching baseball games, reading, playing video games or spending great times with my family.

Enough of me! If you have something to discuss with me, feel free to contact me or reach out on Twitter.